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turning knowledge into competencies

The power of combining education & consultancy

D&H Academy is part of Demets&Heuskin, the consultancy company with a solid reputation in Europe and beyond. We strongly believe in the power of engaging experienced managers and consultants in competencies development paths.

Training based on field experience

D&H Academy only recruits consultants with a proven track record of operational accountability in the field. This is our guarantee that our training effort does not only improve knowledge, but also works on the really critical element of performance: Competency.

Flexibility with Quality Guaranteed

Competencies development has to be aligned with actual needs of an organization and an individual. On the top of that, we know that training requires a huge effort for which there is no room for improvization. D&H Academy has developed its course portfolio in a modular way, with lots of accredited course materials. This allows us to combine modules to provide the perfect fit training tool, while still having the quality guarantee of accredited material and trainers.

We do not just sell trainings, we do provide competencies development

D&H Academy is much more than just a shopping mall for training courses! Already during the first contacts, we try to understand your organizational needs in order to advise you on the best possible track. There is indeed a lot more than just the standard courses. We, at D&H Academy, are able to advise you with all our field experience from changing organizations. Also, we are organized in a way that we can offer you the competencies development track that fits your needs... Most of the time with a lower investment on your side and a more accurate result!

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