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Generic Project Management

  • Project Management Basics (PM-090)

    To manage successfully a project, project management activities will be much more than simply completing, updating and controlling a list of tasks that have been assigned to some owners and have to be...

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  • Project Management Foundations (PM-100)

    Although several books have been written about project management frameworks, tools and techniques, every Project Manager needs to master a couple of key elements in his/her project.
    This course introduces...

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  • Project Management Practitioner (PM-110)

    Experience demonstrates that best practices and framework knowledge of project management are not enough to get control on projects and guarantee the success delivery of their outputs.


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  • Return On Investment on Projects (PM-120)

    Every organization is continuously investing capital and resources in projects that are in line with its strategy. The Return On Investment (ROI) is a monetary measurement used to evaluate the efficiency...

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  • Financial Management in Projects (PM-130)

    Organisations invest a large amount of money in project developments based on financial assumptions that should protect their assets. In the actual context, project managers have a certain accountability to ensure...

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  • Time & Cost Planning for Projects (PM-190)   NEW

    More than half of projects are getting out of the limits in term of time and/or cost, resulting in all kinds of undesired results (time pressure, incoherent decisions, scope reviews …).
    The origin...

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