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Portfolio & Programme Management

  • Directing Successful Projects (PM-140)

    Role confusion between Project Executives, Project Manager, Project Team and Clients creates more hassle than it solves. A project is a unique organization where habits and history have no foot, so all...

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  • Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) (PM-150)

    Realizing a fundamental change or achievement needs multiple projects and actions to be run concurrently. The principle is clear but in reality the conjunction of a lot of complicated tasks leads to huge...

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  • Project Management Office (PM-160)

    Every portfolio, programme or project needs adequate support structures for the achievement of their objectives.
    A Project Management Office helps organizations to efficiently setup a central function...

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  • Strategic Alignment by Project Portfolio Management (PM-180)   NEW

    Running effectively multiple projects and programmes is more than a challenge to organize productivity of work; it is mostly a challenge to align spotlessly priorities and strategic influences with your...

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