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Quality & Improvement Techniques

  • Business Process Modeling (supported by BPMN) (LM-070)   NEW

    Organizations have multiple interfaces with their suppliers, customers, and even their own internal departments. Identifying and defining where and how these interfaces interact with their business processes...

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  • Voice of the Customer (LM-080)   NEW

    Doing exactly what your customer requires and expects is a critical element in gaining competitive advantage. Therefore, you need to be able to listen constantly and precisely to your customer.


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  • Effective and Pragmatic Quality Management (LM-090)   NEW

    Quality just makes sense! No organization is deliberately offering defective products or services to its customers or accepting defective parts from a supplier. Quality needs therefore to be carefully...

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  • ADAPT®: Applying a Structured Approach to Change (LM-100)

    You can be a victim of change or the leader of change. Anyhow, the organization of today will not fit the needs of tomorrow anymore. Economic cycles, market changes, adapting regulations, volatility of...

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  • Organizational Maturity as Guide for Improvement (LM-110)   NEW

    If an organization does not strive for consistency, it may be destined for mediocrity. Organizational maturity models can be used to benchmark organizational performance, identify improvement opportunities...

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  • Managing Cultural Change (LM-120)   NEW

    Companies are facing continuous changes in their environment (market, customer, product portfolio, etc.) while it remains very difficult for most of them to manage their cultural change. Resistance to...

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  • Value Stream Management (LM-130)   NEW

    Organizations must carefully manage their product or service development to ensure value creation at each step. Identifying the net contribution of each actor, from suppliers to customers, will optimize...

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  • Competencies Planning as Change Tool (LM-140)   NEW

    Ultimately, organizations create value by the action of their people. It is tough and a constant challenge to have the right skills and competencies available in an organization: the needed skills can...

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