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Sourcing Management

  • Managing Sourcing Projects (5 Steps Model) (SP-040)   NEW

    Leaving to suppliers what they do best is a simple adagio. The issue is that defining what they do best is not so evident in today’s interrelated organizations. Performance of the one is often interacting...

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  • Writing Effective RfP’s to Receive Useful Proposals (SP-070)   NEW

    A “Request for Proposal” is a commonly used technique for market consultation and finally leading to a procurement of services or goods. Writing an effective RfP is however not so easy.
    An effective...

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  • Effective Cost Reduction in Procurement (SP-100)   NEW

    Procurement is a key activity in any organization, with more than considerable impact on the profit & loss accounts. Procurement represents between 50% till 99% of the cost of a company. At the same time,...

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