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Service Portfolio Management

From Strategy to Service Plans

Service portfolio management enables the business to make sound decisions about investments by comparing the outcomes that are expected by the customer with the investment required to build, deliver and maintain the service. While it acts as a gatekeeper for business investment control, it does not ensure that the retained services are automatically designed and deployed to contribute to the strategic objectives and meet the agreed business outcomes.

This course aims at providing the participants with sound knowledge and approach to ensure that the most business value contributing services are identified and built to meet business value expectations.


 To identify and define a set of services enabling business value contribution
 To translate retained services into tangible service requirements
 To plan for a smooth delivery of the service requirements
 To provide assurance that the defined service requirements are delivered and controlled throughout the full service development lifecycle


1. Service Portfolio Management
2. Service Charters
a. Project Overview
b. Project Approach
c. Project Authority
3. Service Design Packages
a. Service Models
b. Service Requirements
c. Service Acceptance Criteria
d. Capabilities Assessment
e. Service Plans
i. Service Programme
ii. Service Transition Plan
iii. Service Operation Plan
iv. Service Improvement Plan
4. Service Development Control


• Executives and financial managers wanting to define or optimize their service portfolio.
• Portfolio, programme and projects managers involved in the design of services.
• Team members and operational staff involved in the development of services.
• Service managers and service owner wanting to improve the performance of their services.




 Theory and concepts illustrated by a trainer with sound expertise and experience in service portfolio management and service design.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant service portfolio management and service design issues to real life experience.
 Practical exercises to reinforce the learning objectives.


Not applicable


 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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