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PRINCE2® Short Track

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner in Just One Week!

Projects in a Controlled Environment (PRINCE2®) is a framework of Best Practices intended to improve the governance, management, control and organization of projects.

The PRINCE2® Short Track combines the Foundation and Practitioner Courses. The Foundation course focuses on acquiring the understanding and knowledge of processes, principles and themes, while the Practitioner course handles the application and management of the thought practices.


 To teach the terminology of PRINCE2®
 To provide professional insight in the PRINCE2® method
 To clarify the relationships between PRINCE2® processes, themes and principles.
 To create awareness about the main project management roles and responsibilities.
 To prepare for the PRINCE2® Foundation certificate
 To understand how to apply the PRINCE2® approach to delivering projects on time, within budget and according to expectations
 To understand how to tailor the PRINCE2® concepts to different project scenarios
 To develop practical application skills of the understanding between PRINCE2® principles, processes and themes
 To prepare for the PRINCE2® Practitioner certificate


1. Introduction to Project Management
2. Introduction to the PRINCE2® Framework
3. PRINCE2® Principles
4. PRINCE2® Themes
(Organization/Quality/Business Case/Plans/Progress/Risk/Change)
5. PRINCE2® Processes
(Starting Up a Project/Directing a Project/Initiating a Project/Controlling a Stage/ Managing Product Delivery/Managing a Stage Boundary/Closing a Project)
1. Integration exercises on processes, themes, and how they all fit together
a. Project Brief & Business Case
b. Project Organization
c. Initiation Stage Plan
d. Project Initiation Documentation
e. Product Based Planning
f. Project Plans and Project Controls
g. Management of Issues and Risks
h. Management of Quality
2. Preparation to the PRINCE2® Practitioner examination


 All IT Managers, Project Managers, Project Team members who are responsible for or involved in managing projects.
 Candidates wanting to achieve the PRINCE2® Certifications.




 Theory and concepts illustrated by an accredited trainer with sound expertise and experience in Project Management.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant Project Management issues to real life experience.
 Practical exercises based on a case study to enhance the reinforcement of the learning objectives.


PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate + PRINCE2® Practitioner Certificate


 Accredited Course Materials
 Official PRINCE2® Book (Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®)
 Attendance Certificate

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