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PMBOK® Overview

Best Practices for Project Management

Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) is a set of Best Practices developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) intended to develop and improve processes and knowledge areas required in project management.

The Overview course consists of a short introduction to the PMBOK® framework followed by a demonstration of the benefits to be gained from implementing PMBOK®.


 To create awareness about the importance of project management activities
 To get insight into the PMBOK® framework and its related key concepts
 To illustrate how the PMBOK® framework contributes to improve project management activities
 To demonstrate the benefits of PMBOK®


1. Introduction to Project Management
2. Overview of the PMBOK® Framework
a. Process Groups
b. Knowledge Areas
3. Implementing PMBOK®
4. Benefits of PMBOK®


• All Executives and Managers wanting to know what is PMBOK® and what are the related benefits for their organization.
• All individuals considering improving and getting control on project management activities in their organization.
• All Executives, Project Managers, Project Team members involved in project management activities.




 Theory and concepts illustrated by an accredited trainer with sound expertise and experience in Project Management.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant Project Management issues to real life experience.


Not Applicable


 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

PMBOK® is a registered trade mark of the PMI

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