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Directing Successful Projects

Project Management Guidance for Project’s Executives

Role confusion between Project Executives, Project Manager, Project Team and Clients creates more hassle than it solves. A project is a unique organization where habits and history have no foot, so all project actors should stick to a clear and undoubted role and behavior to optimize the odds on success of the project. The professional collaboration between the Project Executives and Project Manager needs to be based on proficient behavior, methods and decision making structures.

This course is intended to Project Executives and emphasizes on the critical decisional elements that will guarantee success of your projects, provides practical methods and structure to facilitate the relationship with your project managers and proposes techniques to optimize the project manager’s performance while keeping control.


 Making explicit Project Board accountabilities and responsibilities
 Providing guidance on how to delegate authority while keeping control
 Detailing activities and decisions expected from the Project Board
 Providing an overview of information required to make decision


1. Introduction to Project Management
2. Project Executives Duties and Behaviours
3. Process Activities
a. Starting up a Project
b. Authorizing Initiation of the Project
c. Authorizing the Project
d. Authorizing a Stage or Exception Plan
e. Giving ad hoc Direction
f. Authorizing Project Closure
g. Reviewing Benefits


• Executives and managers taking on senior project roles.
• Portfolio and Programme managers leading large-scale improvement projects.


• Preferably senior management experience.


 Theory and concepts illustrated by an accredited trainer with sound expertise and experience in Portfolio, Programme and Project Management.
 Group Discussions with the purpose to match the relevant project management directing issues to real life experience.




 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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