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Project Management Office

Effective support to projects, programmes and portfolios

Every portfolio, programme or project needs adequate support structures for the achievement of their objectives.
A Project Management Office helps organizations to efficiently setup a central function that will provide support to the project, programme and portfolio managers, will guarantee access to scarce shared resources, will centralize knowledge and lessons learned, will provide strategic information to all levels governance and will provide independent assurance and review to the stakeholders.


 Creating awareness about the need for project management office
 Gaining knowledge of the PMO concepts (value for the organization) and lifecycle
 Understanding how a PMO facilitates projects, programmes and portfolios
 Providing guidance on how to implement a PMO to support outcomes and benefits achievements


1. Introduction to Project Management Office
a. Strategic Context
b. Model and Sizing
c. Structure, Roles & Responsibilities
2. Value Proposition
a. Business Case
b. Value
c. Performance measures
3. P3O Lifecycle
a. Setup
b. Sustain & Continuous improvement
c. Closing down
4. Techniques and Tools


 PMO managers
 Portfolio, Programme and project managers
 Programme office / support roles
 Executives and senior managers




 Theory and concepts illustrated by an accredited trainer with sound expertise and experience in Project Management Office.
 Group Discussions with the purpose to match the relevant Project Management Office issues to real life experience.




 Course Material
 Attendance Certificate

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