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Architecture Management (TOGAF)   NEW

Based on The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF™)

Innovation is constantly pushing organizations forward to adopt new processes, technologies and proceedings. At the same time, these need to be integrated with legacy systems, for which there is often no reason to change. TOGAF™ is offering a pragmatic global framework that helps organizations to define, implement and manage their information flows and technology architecture.

This course highlights the benefits of using TOGAF™ to create a well-designed enterprise architecture and details the processes to maintain it as a constant architecture governance framework.


 To introduce the basic concept of enterprise architecture management
 To provide an overview of the TOGAF™ framework
 To understand how TOGAF™ can be applied to support the design and implementation of enterprise architecture management
 To prepare for the TOGAF™ Foundation certification


1. Introduction to Architecture Management
2. Introduction to the TOGAF™ Framework
3. Architecture Development Method
4. Guidelines and Techniques
5. Architecture Content Framework
6. Enterprise Continuum and Tools
7. Reference Models
8. Architecture Capability Framework
9. Examination Preparation


• Individuals who require a basic understanding of TOGAF™.
• Professionals who are working in roles associated with an architecture project such as those responsible for planning, execution, development, delivery, and operation.
• Architects who are looking for a first introduction to TOGAF™.
• Architects who want to achieve TOGAF™ Level 2 certification.




 Theory and concepts illustrated by a trainer with sound expertise and experience in architecture management.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant architecture management issues to real life experience.
 Practical exercises to enhance the reinforcement of the learning objectives.


TOGAF™ Foundation (optional)


 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

Design and implementation Flockdesign Ronse