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Lean IT Foundation   NEW

A structured approach for lean IT services

Lean IT is the extension of Lean manufacturing and lean services principles to the development and management of information technology (IT) products and services. Companies will minimize waste and produce high quality with the Lean method. By applying the Lean method they increase efficiency and increase customer value. The Lean concept has a great impact on the culture of an organization with behavioural aspects such as empowering employees to involve them in the optimization of processes. Lean also introduces new concepts such as: Just in Time and Continual improvement.
Benefits for organizations are multiple: better alignment with business and users, less activities which are more focused, create higher business value and user satisfaction.
Participants and adopters of Lean IT principles will substantially expand their organizational skills and improve their management skills.


 To provide an understanding of the lean principles applied to IT Services and Products
 Learn to design and optimize value streams in IT services
 Learn methods and techniques to identify and remove waste
 Understand and be able to apply the DMAIC cycle for improvement projects
 Understand and be able to apply several techniques under the lean principles


1. Introduction to Lean IT
a. Lean principles
b. The 7 wastes
c. Lean applied to IT Services and Products
2. The DMAIC cycle
a. Define
b. Measure
c. Analyse
d. Improve
e. Control
3. Managing organizational improvement
4. Preparation to the examination


• Service delivery managers, account managers, product managers in IT environments
• Team managers aiming for continual improvement of their team
• IT directors and managers wanting to steer a lean culture and adoption




 Theory and concepts illustrated by an accredited trainer with sound expertise and experience in Lean IT
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant Lean IT issues to real life experience.


Lean IT Foundation (EXIN)


 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate
 Official Lean IT Examination

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