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Return on Investment and Value for Money

Plan, deliver and confirm value from services and projects

Organizations must ensure profitability, but this alone is not enough. They must ensure that the right amount of resources has been consumed to produce a service or deliver a project. Some elements are difficult to measure as they may be subjective or intangible like quality, fitness for purpose, timeliness, customer satisfaction, company image etc. It is therefore crucial to establish priority rules in funding decisions and evaluations to show up front if a project or service will deliver value for money, and assess afterwards whether or not it did.
The training Return on Investment and Value for Money allows organizations to ensure they maximize the benefits from the services they acquire or provide within the resources available.


 Understand how to link performance indicators to outcome definition
 Present the Value For Money framework
 Present the Return on Investment measuring tools & techniques
 Illustrate how organizations can maximize their benefits by ensuring the right level investment
 Understand how to confirm project or service value


1. Introduction to ROI and Value For Money
2. Strategy for measuring performance
3. Establishing value baselines
4. Value For Money and the 3 “E”:
a. Economy
b. Efficiency
c. Effectiveness
5. Return on Investment and performance indicators
a. IRR
b. NPV
c. Payback
d. TCO
e. EVM
6. Outcome based Risk Assessment
7. Lessons learned in ROI and Value For Money
8. Conclusion


• Project or programme managers involved in product or service development seeking guidance on planning and measuring value
• Service owners, business process owners who want to define and measure the value proposition of their service




 Theory and concepts illustrated by a trainer with sound expertise and experience in ROI and Value For Money.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant ROI and Value for Money issues to real life experience.


Not applicable


 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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