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Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt Certification Preparation)   NEW

Advanced Coaching for Successfully Passing the Black Belt Certification

Candidates successfully passing the Black Belt certification can demonstrate competencies in the following domains:

• Expert knowledge of Lean Six Sigma methods, tools and techniques.
• Team leadership.
• Management of organizational change.
• Assignment of project team members with roles and responsibilities.
• Mentoring and coaching staff in applying Six Sigma methods, tools and techniques.
• Leading complex improvement projects that require significant data and analytical skills.
• Dissemination of new strategies and tools via training, workshops, and case studies.

The Black Belt Certification Preparation course provides candidates with sound guidance to efficiently prepare and optimize chances for passing the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate.


 To provide tips and tricks on the key assessment topics
 To provide guidance on the practical assignment to be presented
 To prepare for the interview
 To optimize chances to pass the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate


1. Certification Requirements
2. Practical Assignment
a. Key Assessment Criteria
b. Preparation Guidance
c. Common Pitfalls
3. Individual Coaching
a. Presentation Content
b. Presentation Skills


• Candidates who have attended an approved Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course and want to prepare for the official Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.


• At least 10 years management experience.
• A minimum of 40 hours of contact (hours of instruction excluding breaks) as part of a formal and approved training course / scheme.
• Green Belt certificate


 Theory and concepts illustrated by an accredited trainer with sound expertise and experience in Lean Management and Quality Improvement.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant Lean Six Sigma management issues to real life experience.
 Individual coaching.


• This course prepares for the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification by D&H Academy


 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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