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Lean Six Sigma : Green Belt Certification - Written exam

Conditions and Guidance

Continual improvement and striving for best quality at lowest cost is everyone’s intention. Unfortunately, the step from intention to persistent action is not so evident and often neglected.

Lean Six Sigma offers the framework and methods to structurally implement a continual improvement approach.


Yellow Belt
• Identifying and proposing internal and external opportunities for Lean Six Sigma projects.
• Thinking in a data-driven and cause- and-effect process manner.
• Supporting Black Belt and Green Belt in their projects.

Green Belt
• Defining critical requirements, processing data, modeling processes, making easy improvements, implementing solutions, controlling actions and cultivating opportunities
• Teaching and coaching local personnel through one-on-one support.
• Leading simple improvement projects that require basic data and analytical skills

Black Belt
• Mentoring and coaching staff in applying Lean Six Sigma methods, tools and techniques.
• Leading complex improvement projects that require significant data and analytical skills
• Disseminating new strategies and tools via training, workshops, and case studies


 Candidate dossier to introduce with D&H Academy and validation of prerequisites
 Follow the mandatory course and examination procedure

Yellow Belt:
Training Course => Examination paper
=> Yellow Belt Certificate

Green Belt:
GB Training Course => Examination paper +
Lean Six Sigma Program => Presentation (examining board)
=> Green Belt Certificate

Black Belt:
BB Training Course => Examination paper +
Lean Six Sigma Program => Presentation (examining board)
=> Black Belt Certificate


Mandatory requirements
see above in contents


Yellow Belt:
• 2 years Management Experience
• Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course

Green Belt:
• 5 years Management Experience
• Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course

Black Belt:
• 10 years Management Experience
• Green Belt Certification
• Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course


See specific course for details





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