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Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt

Foundation Knowledge for Quality Improvement Projects

Business is constantly challenged to deliver highest quality and client satisfaction combined with persistent pressure to deliver at best cost levels. Lean Six Sigma has proven to be successful in managing this challenge of strategic importance to any winning business by providing a structured and well-thought approach based on tangible and measurable methods.

The Green Belt course is part of the D&H Academy Certification Scheme and aims at developing skills and competences to successfully deploy Six Sigma tools and techniques, and lead small-scale improvement projects.


 Providing thorough understanding of Six Sigma and Lean Management.
 Aligning Six Sigma concepts with Business mission and objectives.
 Enabling deployment of Six Sigma methods, tools and techniques.
 Providing with tips and tricks to manage successful Six Sigma projects.
 Preparing for the Green Belt Certification.


1. Introduction to Six Sigma and Lean Management
a. Define
i. Project definition
ii. Critical requirements
b. Measure
i. Requirements to measures
ii. Measurement system
iii. Data collection
c. Analyze
i. Data analysis
ii. Root cause analysis
d. Improve
i. Impact analysis
ii. Development of solutions
e. Control
i. Control plan
ii. Standardization
3. Tools and Techniques
a. Voice of the Customer, Kano Model, Critical to Quality Tree, Process Flows, SIPOC, Value Stream Mapping, Time Value Map, Waste in Process, 5 Why’s, 5S, Ishikawa, FMEA, RPN, Poke Yoke, …


 Individuals involved in improvement projects and requiring a thorough understanding of Six Sigma as well as enhancement of capabilities to deploy its related methods, tools and techniques.
 Line managers, process owners and professional staff responsible for any Six Sigma project tasks and / or leading small-scale improvement projects.
 Candidates seeking progress towards the Black Belt Certification.


 5 years Management Experience


 Theory and concepts illustrated by an accredited trainer with sound expertise and experience in Lean Management and Quality Improvement.
 Group Discussions with the purpose to match the relevant Six Sigma management issues to real life experience.


This course prepares for the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification by D&H Academy


 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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