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Competencies Planning as Change Tool   NEW

Managing Human Capital in Highly-Skilled and Volatile Teams

Ultimately, organizations create value by the action of their people. It is tough and a constant challenge to have the right skills and competencies available in an organization: the needed skills can be at once diverse, highly specialized and ever changing. The fundamental challenges of organizations involved in a transformation process are therefore to define and adapt the skills to make these, work efficiently together towards the new objective.

This course starts with the methods for defining and formalizing the need for competencies and skills. Besides technical skills, managerial, social and cultural skills are integrated. In addition, competencies management is solidly supported by quantitative methods, recruiting and selecting, hiring, retention and disposal policies and processes. Last but not least, the organizational models for integrating HR and competencies management are analyzed.


 To provide method and approach in analyzing and understanding the HR and competencies challenges of an organization involved in a transformation
 To create sound understanding about the methods and tools in HR and competencies management
 To provide practices for defining and structuring HR and competencies management
 To create sound insight and understanding in the organizational options for structural HR and competencies management
 To create understanding about the Critical Success Factors, basic Key Performance Indicators and generic management methods for optimizing results


1. HR and Competencies Management Challenges
2. Interaction and Alignment
a. Sourcing policy
b. Architecture strategy
c. Corporate HR management
3. Support for Effective HR and Competencies Management
4. Steering and Adapting HR Composition, Culture and Social Environment
5. Organizational Models for HR and Competencies Management
6. Critical Success Factors, KPIs, Risks and Constraints


 Directors and Managers with strategic and tactical accountability.
 HR Directors and Managers, Resource Planners, Training and Competencies Managers with strategic and tactical HR responsibility.
 Auditors, consultants and professionals with responsibility in defining and negotiating HR policies and budgets.


• Relevant experience in strategic and tactical HR Management, Resource Planning and Competencies Management


 Theory and concepts illustrated by an experienced trainer with sound expertise and experience in HR and Competencies Management.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant HR and competencies management issues to real life experience.




 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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