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Managing Sourcing Projects (5 Steps Model)   NEW

Creating Steering and Control From the Start with Practical Methods

Leaving to suppliers what they do best is a simple adagio. The issue is that defining what they do best is not so evident in today’s interrelated organizations. Performance of the one is often interacting with the working methods of the other.
Managing a sound supplier relationship needs a solid basis, which is created during the Sourcing Project. The future complexity and evolution needs to embed in a controllable management environment, which needs to be build even before any request is sent to the potential suppliers.
This course is providing to participants with a practical guidance framework for building sourcing projects which are complete, coherent and soundly managed.


 Understand the sourcing management key elements
 Be able to define the means enabling a good decision-making regarding an outsourcing project
 Be able to structure a sourcing project around the 5-Steps Model
 Be able to use each of the 5 steps in-depth
 Understand the sourcing roles
 Understand how to measure the performance of a sourcing project


1. Introduction to Sourcing Management
2. Sourcing Management Frameworks
3. Five Steps Model
a. Outsourcing Decision
b. Scope Management
c. Evaluation and Selection
d. Negotiation and Contracting
e. Transition Management
4. Demand Management Organization
5. Conclusions


• Project managers, sourcing managers, people involved in sourcing management projectors
• Consultants and sourcing management specialist
• People expecting a practical evolvement of their sourcing management capabilities




 Theory and concepts illustrated by a trainer with sound expertise and experience in Sourcing management.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant sourcing management issues to real life experience.




 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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