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Writing Effective RfP’s to Receive Useful Proposals   NEW

Evaluate competing proposals while reviewing a range of potential solutions

A “Request for Proposal” is a commonly used technique for market consultation and finally leading to a procurement of services or goods. Writing an effective RfP is however not so easy.
An effective RfP is considered as one of the key techniques used by organizations to obtain proposals from suppliers which provide coherent answers on the organization’s genuine needs. The main challenge remains ... that good answers are coming from good, fine-tuned and coherent questions.
This course is enabling the participants to improve their skills and competencies to write effective RfPs, starting from identification of the needs, over precise question formulation to evaluation criteria. This course focuses on drilling theory down to pragmatic advice and techniques for your next procurement.


 Plan and organize the procurement effort
 Establish the outline RFP sections
 Develop, write, and review all requirements: administrative, technical, and managerial
 Set realistic pricing requirements
 Select appropriate vendors with pre-screening techniques
 Set up objective evaluation criteria for selecting the best solution
 Prepare for post-RFP activities such as on site visits, reference checks, and implementation activities


1. Introduction
2. Procurement planning and preparation
3. RFP requirements
a. Administration
b. Technical
c. Management
4. Pricing policy
5. Evaluation guidelines & criteria
6. Implementing controls and management tools
7. Conclusion


• Procurement managers who wish to develop their skills in designing, writing and managing RFP’s.
• Project and programme managers involved in sourcing projects.
• Procurement teams who are dealing with suppliers and RFP’s on a daily base.
• Consultants and people wanting to acquire practicable capabilities in RFP development




 Theory and concepts illustrated by a trainer with sound expertise and experience in RFP and procurement.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant RFP and procurement issues to real life experience.




 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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