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Effective Cost Reduction in Procurement   NEW

A Coherent Approach to Buy Only Real Business Value

Procurement is a key activity in any organization, with more than considerable impact on the profit & loss accounts. Procurement represents between 50% till 99% of the cost of a company. At the same time, procurement is complex because it impacts directly business operations. Decreasing purchase cost and cannibalizing its own business is a thin line.
More than a function, procurement is a set of processes interacting within the complete organization. The procurement manager should be able to provide guidelines for better buying, for managing the procurement processes, assist and guide business oriented evaluations and provide governance.
This course focuses on implementing balanced processes adapted to the specific business of any organization in order to achieve substantial control over purchasing and lower its cost.


 Position procurement within global business processes
 Provide guidelines for classification of procurement types and modalities
 Provide assessment methods for analysing a purchase portfolio
 Provide insight in cost reduction strategies and plans
 Enhance capabilities to analyse, improve, design, implement and manage procurement processes
 Provide insight in positioning the procurement function within an organization
 Provide practical hints and tips for reducing costs


1. Procurement in Business: role, impact, process and function
2. Structuring the purchase portfolio
3. Assessing and analysing the purchase portfolio
4. Cost reduction strategies in relation to business strategies
5. Cost reduction planning, approach and governance
6. Procurement process management
7. Implementing cost reduction, communicating and change management
8. Practical hints and tips, case review


• CFO, Finance Directors and Financial Managers
• Procurement, Purchase and Vendor Managers / Officers
• Managers with cost / quality accountability in highly procurement sensitive business sectors


• A minimum of relevant experience
• Basic insight in Value Streams and Quality Management
• Basic financial insight


 Theory and concepts illustrated by a trainer with sound expertise and experience in procurement management.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant procurement management issues to real life experience.


Not applicable


 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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