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Managing a Network of Suppliers

(DMO) Steering & Control in an Outsourced Environment

Relationship with suppliers is often problematic and hazardous due to the absence of a structured approach on steering processes. Many organizations do have a lot of suppliers, whether it is part of an outsourcing strategy or not. One major issue is to manage actively your providers’ performance and to enable him to deliver the expected performance. Moreover, whenever it concerns the purchase of services, it is critical for the client to obtain guarantees upfront that quality services will be delivered.
Sound management of Suppliers is only possible with a coherent and sound approach on steering, management and control processes.
This course is based on the D.M.O. concept, which is a practical set of processes derived from the best practices in the field of (services) procurement.


 To provide professional insight into managing, organizing and optimizing the relationships with suppliers;
 To provide insight in the D.M.O. processes that steer the relationship with Suppliers;
 To enhance practical understanding of the issues, problems and pitfalls and provide tips and tricks to avoid and manage these;
 To elaborate the role of different actors in managing the demand and supply relationship;
 To provide practical instruments in drawing up and managing contracts
 To ensure alignment of sourcing strategies with organizational goals.


1. Analysis of the sources of discontent
2. Overview of the D.M.O. Concept
3. Governance and Sourcing Strategy
4. Demand Management Organization framework
a. Steering Delivery
b. Managing Delivery
c. Managing Transition
5. Roles and Functions
6. Overview Sourcing Projects
7. Practical Implementation Tips


• CIO’s, CFO’s, Procurement Managers, Service Managers, Account Managers and other staff responsible for managing relationships between suppliers and customers.
• Project and programme managers involved in sourcing projects seeking guidance for managing sourcing contracts


• Relevant experience with the subject
• It is preferable that participants have followed the course “Successful Outsourcing of IT Services”


 Theory and concepts illustrated by a trainer with sound expertise and experience in managing multiple suppliers.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant supplier management issues to real life experience.


Not Applicable


 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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