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Risk Management for PSF (Luxembourg)   NEW

How to implement an effective and efficient risk framework in the financial sector

For managers and people working in PSF environment, the priority is to be faster in identifying, analysing, and reacting to risks detected. It becomes more and more an existential mission. The challenge is to manage the issues related to the risk management in PSF environment and especially to be able to comply with regulations in continual evolution. Also the challenge is to understand and keep under control the impact of managerial practices on risk management in this specific environment.
The objective of this course is to answer the question: what does a risk management in a PSF environment mean? The course will also present the legal framework for managing risks for PSF and finally enable participants to evaluate and compare their practices with best practices in use.


 Overview of the PSF regulation
 Understand the specificity of risk management for PSF
 Understand the PSF environment
 Understand how to adapt the risk management to the regulation and the managerial practices evolution
 Enable participants to compare their practices based on framework and based on the right use of the regulations


1. Introduction
2. Basic concepts and definitions
3. PSF Environments
4. Professionals concerned
5. PSF and risk managements
a. PSF regulations
b. Risk management requirements
c. implementation
6. Techniques and methods
7. Lessons learned in risk management for PSF
8. Conclusion


• Risk managers, PSF managers, Team managers, Project managers, PSF employees, consultants, auditors




 Theory and concepts illustrated by a trainer with sound expertise and experience in risk management and PSF topics.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant Risk management issues to real life experience.


Not applicable


 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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