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Manage my Meetings   NEW

Take Control: Organize, Plan or ... Cancel Meetings

Good leaders have time to meet you when you need it. This is because they carefully plan and organize their participation in meetings, thus freeing up time to concentrate on really important things.
Meetings are one of the most powerful management tools, potentially combining at once communication, information sharing, team building, decision making and coordination of works.
This course has the objective to give Directors and Managers the tools and assessment methods to identify how they can take control over time spent in all kind of meetings. As a manager, it is not only important to manage your time; you are also responsible over the time allocation of your team. Therefore, meetings need a well-thought plan, with concrete roles, objectives and results.


 Provide insight in meetings as a management tool
 Learn to evaluate the different method to realize management objectives
 Provide an assessment framework to evaluate the meeting plan
 Learn to identify the needs for coordination, alignment and decision
 Improve your skills for effective delegation
 Enhance your capabilities to draw up a meeting plan
 Improve your skills to conduct meetings
 Provide tips & tricks to drive your team up to effective meetings


1. Meeting as a management tool
a. Objective
b. Formats
c. Evaluation of effectiveness
2. Identify the meeting plan
a. Governance of meetings
b. The need to meet
c. Formal meetings versus real meetings
3. Delegation
a. Who is going? Content and format justification
b. Delegation ad-hoc or in general
c. Pitfalls of bad delegation and tips for doing it well
4. Drawing up the meeting plan
a. Define the objectives and requirements
b. Exploit the more efficient alternatives
c. Draw up the plan
d. Implement and evaluate
5. Conducting the meeting
a. Tips & tricks: the traditional story
b. Daring to make it work more efficiently
c. Pushing your team to effectiveness


• Directors and managers struggling with their own time schedule.
• Directors and managers assessing that their time spends a lot (too many) time in meetings
• Managers, team members and young potentials wanting to increase their general management skills


• At least some management experience.


 Theory and concepts illustrated by a trainer with sound expertise and experience in general management and organizational development.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant management issues to real life experience.




 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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