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Presentation Skills   NEW

Critical Skills for Preparing and Giving Strong Presentations

Presenting a message clearly and effectively is a key skill to get across. Presentation skills are today a critical element for effectiveness in business, because bringing a message instead of facts is a key element to blink out in the massive information ocean everybody is in nowadays.
Developing the confidence and capability to tell a story which is interesting for your audience is at reach for everybody. It is only a matter to understand your audience, having the right message brought with empathy.
This course is providing you with rational techniques and pragmatic analysis and design methods to reach high confidence in giving presentations. Furthermore, this course explores how a presenter can more easily interact with his/her audience by focusing on key messages and objectives.


 Understand the characteristics of good presentations
 Understand the different formats for presenting messages
 Improve your preparation skills towards the objective of the presentation
 Improve your ability to understand the requirements of the audience
 Increase your control of the interaction with a storyline
 Improve your agility during the presentation


1. Analysis of presentations
2. Formats, methods and tools for presenting
3. Objectives of the presentation
a. Defining the expected result
b. Defining the message
c. Defining the audience
d. The presentation in its environment
e. Scenarios and alternatives
4. The storyline
a. Concept of the storyline
b. Techniques for building a storyline
c. Testing the storyline
d. Basis for development of the presentation
5. Presentation format
a. Options for formats and picking the right one
b. Tools & techniques available
6. The presentation itself
a. Managing stress
b. The introduction
c. Keeping contact with the audience
d. Closing the presentation: a strong moment!


• Directors and Managers
• Public Relations, Marketing and Sales Staff
• Consultants and trainers
• Every professional who is regularly in front of a group


• Minimal professional experience is recommended


 Theory and concepts illustrated by a trainer with sound expertise and experience in preparing and giving presentations at all levels.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant presentation issues to real life experience.




 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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