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Time Management   NEW

Time is money

One of the critical resources managed inside organizations is time. In the current context of aggressive competition and globalization, organizations are more and more faced with issues due to efficiency demands and reduced opportunities for returning profit on their activities. Stop wasting time.
Time management is not an independent issue, it is linked and impacted by different other constraints. To manage time efficiently, you need to consider all organizational aspects like HR, finance and communication.
This course provides an overview on all the aspects of Time Management during a product lifecycle and in the organization in general. It covers also techniques and methods to be used to keep the benefits of an efficient time management in long term with a continual improvement.


At this training conclusion, participants should be able to
 Use time efficiently based upon setting clear priorities
 Anticipate and plan activities and focus on essentials
 Set up a personal organization
 Use a range of communication tools and techniques
 Manage their relationships more efficiently


1. Introduction
2. Definitions & Basic concepts
3. Personal and global time management
4. Time management and other organizational aspects
5. Symptoms of inefficient time management
6. Risks
7. Time management diagnostic
8. Time management principles
9. Time management strategy
10. Time management techniques, methods and tools
11. Time management and priorities
12. Time management and personal energy
13. Tips


• Directors, Heads of, and management board members
• Managers, program and project managers
• Consultants and auditors
• Team Managers




 Theory and concepts illustrated by trainers with sound expertise and experience in time management, communication and NLP.
 Workshops animated in order to apply the content of the training.
 Group discussions with the purpose of understanding how to apply these concepts in your organization.


Not Applicable


 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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