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Situational Analysis & Problem Solving

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”, Albert Einstein

Some people come with problems, other with solutions.
To be able to improve, you need to define your current situation. Best effort is not enough in our competitive environment. Using and adopting a formal approach to analyse, manage, resolve and avoid problems will allow you to continually improve … and avoid some potential problems before they occur.
The situational analysis and problem solving require not only the use of specific methods and techniques, but it requires adherence of different stakeholders with different backgrounds, it requires also a well-designed communication and team management.

This course will enable you to detect problems faster and to fix them using best practices.


At this training conclusion, participants should be able to
 Analyse the situation
 Detect problems early
 Limit the impact of problems
 Manage and resolve problems efficiently
 Lead a resolution group
 Define the right resolution scenario
 Set up preventive and corrective actions
 Use the right tools and techniques
 Communicate better about problems situations


1. Introduction
2. Definitions & Basic concepts
3. Risks
4. Problems
a. Problems and Profitability
b. Problems and HR
c. Solving groups characteristics
d. Problem detection
e. PEST and SWOT
f. Problem analysis
g. Root causes
h. Problem solving process
i. Problem resolution
5. Implementation of solution(s)
6. Lessons learned meeting
7. Tips


• Directors and management board members
• Managers, program/portfolio and project managers
• Consultants and auditors
• Team Managers




 Theory and concepts illustrated by a trainer with sound expertise and experience in problem management, communication and NLP.
 Workshops animated in order to apply the content of the training
 Group Discussions with the purpose of understanding how to apply these concepts in a real organization




 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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