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Sustainable Competencies Planning   NEW

Designing and developing a long-term view on strategic competencies

Lots of companies define their HR as a strategic asset, but only a few really have an active policy to manage competencies in a longer term basis. Which ones? These companies with a constant growth on the long haul …
More and more, management and technical competencies make the difference. An organization needs to develop a vision on strategic competencies which make the difference and invest what is necessary to guarantee its supremacy on a limited set of key topics and competencies.
Sustainable competencies planning is the structured approach to constantly fine-tune the estimated long-term need for competencies and to meticulously manage a plan to build, improve and safeguard a staffing pool of best-in-class collaborators.
This course provides a sound approach on sustainable competencies planning. Embedded in a global method, the course is essentially focused on practical implementation.


 Help participants to build the long-term competencies management business case
 Provide forecasting techniques for expressing the needs for fundamental competencies in tangible and agreed variables
 Achieve insight in planning and allocating fundamental competencies, integrating HR dynamics, risk management and economics
 Enable techniques to build KPI and monitoring elements on sustainable competencies planning
 Provide insight in the different organizational models for linking the sustainable competencies plan to operational processes (succession management, evaluation and career planning)


1. Long-Term competencies planning: challenges & business case
2. Distinguishing strategic-fundamental competencies
3. Planning the need on a timeline
4. Designing and implementing sustainable competencies policies
5. Planning on long-term techniques
a. Quantitative HR analysis
b. Risk Management
c. Focus on fundamentals
6. Controlling the competencies Programme
a. Monitoring techniques applied on HR variables
b. Adaptation
c. Implementation in tactical / operational processes
7. Practical tips and tricks


 Directors and Managers with strategic and tactical accountability.
 HR Directors and Managers, Resource Planners, Training and Competencies Managers with strategic and tactical HR responsibility.
 Auditors, consultants and professionals with responsibility in defining and negotiating HR policies and budgets.


• Relevant experience in strategic and tactical HR Management, Resource Planning and Competencies Management


 Theory and concepts illustrated by an experienced trainer with sound expertise and experience in managing a Competencies Plan.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant HR and management of competencies plan issues to real life experience.


Not Applicable


 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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