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Succession Management in Practice   NEW

How to combine career aspiration with business strategy?

Succession Management is a set of practices which manages organizations to be prepared to replace leaving Directors, Managers and Key Professionals with well-prepared and fitted staff.
The Major benefit of succession management is to minimize the time and competencies gaps between replacements, thus lowering direct and indirect loss related to a normal evolution of an organization. Moreover, active succession management allows organizations to manage proactively choices regarding internal or external replacements and cultural development.
This course relates all the relevant considerations on succession management: HR topics (quantitative HR, strategic and tactical competencies planning), business topics (strategic assets, image and culture, key performance and cost) and relevant techniques (risk management, service procurement, asset valuing, ROI)


 Provide sound understanding in evaluating the opportunity and the value of an organized approach on succession management
 Introduce the basics for performing a quantitative HR Assessment
 Provide insight and practical techniques for strategic and tactical competencies planning
 Illustrate practical methods for analysing and translating business strategy into HR & succession management policies
 Propose methods to analyse and evaluate cost and risk related to proactive HR Management
 Introduce participants to the most relevant techniques to apply in relation to succession management: risk management, sourcing management and procurement of services, valuation of people assets and probability based ROI analysis


1. Introduction to Succession Management: evaluating the opportunity, risks, cost and benefits
2. HR Strategy options translated to a succession management approach
3. HR Management
a. Quantitative analysis of HR
b. Strategic and tactical competencies planning
4. Business requirements management
a. Business valuation of the strategic asset “HR”
b. Corporate image and culture
c. Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Drivers
d. Cost & probability
5. Appropriate techniques
a. Risk Management
b. Service Procurement
c. Sourcing Management
d. Valuation techniques based on probabilities
6. Practical implementation hints and tips


• Directors and Managers with strategic and tactical accountability.
• HR Directors and Managers, Resource Planners, Training and Competencies Managers with strategic and tactical HR responsibility.
• Auditors, consultants and professionals with responsibility in defining and negotiating HR policies and budgets.
• Department or Project Manager focusing on future


• Relevant experience in strategic and tactical HR Management, Resource Planning and Competencies Management
• Experience in People management


• Theory and concepts illustrated by a trainer with sound expertise and experience in succession management.
• Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant succession management issues to real life experience.
• Practical exercises to enhance the reinforcement of the learning objectives


Not Applicable


 Course Materials
 Attendance Certificate

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