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MiFID II: Market in Financial Instruments Directive   NEW

The basic directive for all professionals in the financial sector

Following the financial crisis in 2008, the European policymakers began to review and update the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and according regulation (MiFIR). The objectives are to increase market’s stability, to enhance confidence of all actors and to bolster the protection of the consumers.
The result, MiFID II, applies to all financial actors providing investment services, which needs to be interpret very broadly.
Elementary knowledge and keen understanding of the regulatory requirements of MiFID II is a basic requirement for any professional with business in the financial industry.
This course explains very practically how financial operations and relations with clients are impacted by MiFID II.


 To provide fundamental insight in the content of MiFID II
 To explain how MiFID II impacts processes and relationships in the financial industry
 To ascertain the requirements for compliant relationships with clients
 To identify the impact on financial markets
 To highlight the consequence on the organization and processes
 To understand the requirements for governance on financial actors


1. Introduction and reminder on MiFID I
2. Timeline of development
3. MiFID II objectives
4. Structural vision on financial markets
5. Pre- and post-trade transparency
6. Trading and execution
7. Algorithmic trading
8. Impact on client relationship
a. Client categorization and its consequences
b. Investment protection
c. Investment advice, suitability and appropriateness
9. Research
10. Product Governance
11. Link with other regulations


This course is a must for any professional active in the financial industry and particularly for:
 Front office staff
 Middle and back office staff
 Marketing and sales staff
 Auditors, managers and governance staff
 Business analysts, senior system developers and IT Managers




 Theory and concepts illustrated by an expert trainer with sound expertise and experience in MiFID II.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant issues to real life experience.




- Course materials
- certificate of participation

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