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Wealth Management Fundamentals   NEW

Best Practices for Front and Middle Office Managers

Wealth Management is one of the fastest growing sectors in the financial industry in Luxembourg and in Belgium. A steadily growing part of the population, increased by high net worth value foreigners, are seeking for professional assistance in managing their wealth and their financial sanity.
It is however not enough to delegate a large number of agents and representatives to a client. The approach to each client needs to be professional, providing confidence and returning performance, while keeping the processes cost-effective. Best practices in Wealth Management are emerging and are detailed in this course.
This course explains very practically the best practices in Wealth Management.


 To provide practical insight in the objectives and result areas of Wealth Management
 To enable running wealth management as a professional process
 To provide insight in best practices for processes and activities
 To understand the relationships between client-facing and back-office operations
 To increase the capabilities to produce real value and bolster confidence


1. Part 1: Client Assessment Process
a. Assessing client expectations
b. Data gathering and fact finding
c. Analysis of needs, goals and constraints
d. Risk analysis and risk appetite
2. Part 2: Managing the suitable portfolio
a. Investment theory
b. Holistic financial planning
c. Asset Allocation
d. Portfolio management
e. Performance monitoring
f. Providing feedback and suitable recommendations
3. Part 3: Managing an integrated cycle
a. The wealth management cycle
b. Selecting investment managers
c. Managing the client portfolio


This course is a must for any professional active in Private Banking / Wealth Management and particularly for:
 Front office staff
 Middle and back office staff
 Marketing and sales staff
 Auditors, managers and governance staff
 Business analysts, senior system developers and IT Managers




 Theory and concepts illustrated by an expert trainer with sound expertise and experience in wealth management.
 Group discussions with the purpose to match the relevant issues to real life experience.




- Course materials
- Certificate of participation

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