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We Take Care of You!

We strongly believe in the importance of competencies development. Therefore, we try to do all what is necessary so that HR managers and course participants can focus on the purpose of our collaboration: Your Competencies Development!

Advice from the start

From your first contact with D&H Academy, our sales and consultants team will advise you on the best track to follow for achieving your personal or organizational objectives. That is not a promise, it is an engagement!

Perfect Logistics, Complete Hospitality

Our belief is that HR Managers do not have to care about logistics. D&H Academy has a highly professional office for arranging all logistics for each course.

We also believe that participants need to benefit completely from the learning experience. Therefore, all our courses are managed with complete hospitality, lunch included. If ever you might need assistance for booking hotels, feel free to contact our office.

A Flexible Offer to Fit Your Needs

Since our customer base is very diverse, D&H Academy is very flexible in its commercial offer. Below you will find a some of the options.

Calendar Courses: Easy and Straightforward

D&H Academy has carefully selected a florilege of courses to propose these on its calendar.

Corporate Enrolment Plan

As an organization, you cannot miss complete teams for several days, while you need to train your staff. Therefore, D&H Academy proposes Corporate Enrolment Plans. These are predefined plans for training large numbers of individuals on specific domains, under special interesting financial arrangements. This allows you great flexibility and availability of your staff within reasonable budget.

Yearly Budget Rebates

When your organization forecasts consequent training plans or has a continuous training policy, exclusive collaboration with D&H Academy can make you save a lot of budget, on the top of the constant quality you will receive.

In-Company Courses

Competencies development is not only an individual achievement. By having in-company courses, you also work on team development. D&H Academy can customize its courses to fit your objectives.

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